The University of Bantshire

Throbbing with knowledge since '69

For literally months, @BantshireUni has been synonymous with balls-ups and faux pas in higher education marketing.

We are a parody university. Obviously. Click on these images to see some of our favourite tweets.

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Bantshire was founded in 1969 by [name redacted due to ongoing court proceedings]. It was the 25th member of the Russell Group, until it was expelled in 1970 for being a bit shit. However, it has turned itself right-the-fuck around and now ranks No.1 for Canteen Facilities in the CEF 2020, and brings joy to thousands of punters via its Twitter website. Bantshire’s current Vice-Chancellor is Vince Chancelier (He/VC).

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We've made a shit ton of highly relatable rankings. We should paywall this shit

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Like other university guides, The Dud University Guide is designed without students in mind.


We have most of our ideas in the work loos. It's our quiet place. Usually, ideas are based on a real life situation that are too unbelievable for our real-life university account.


The Vice-Chancellor has requested that we go viral. We've knocked together a few doctored YouTube screenshots to keep him happy.