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Thanks to your support the VC has been able to upgrade to a deluxe hot tub. Cheers.

'Bantshire Original' mug

First up, the classic ‘Bantshire Original’ mug, rated No.1 in the Tea Excellence Framework (TEF, 2020). Designed by Bantshire, and printed and delivered by Redbubble, you’ll be the envy of your tea club. Here are some happy punters with their mug!

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Just like a real prospectus, most of the content is copied and pasted from our website and Twitter feed, so don’t expect anything new. It’s on an economy paper stock - which we’ll claim is sustainable - and the print quality is average. You can preview the first half of the book here.


Celebrate your new found expertise in distance learning with our new Bantshire Online Learning Open Knowledge (BOLOK) mug.