Working at home

For many of us, working at home whilst living in close quarters with our families is a fucking nightmare. Even more so when you have children to look after.

Our Policy Innovation Strategy Officer (PISoff) - who was once a child himself - has written these top tips on looking after your little shits whilst working at home:

1) Whilst delivering video lectures on Great Philosophers of the Twentieth Century, set up a screen in another room for your three-year-old to enjoy the works of Wittgenstein, Quine, Davidson, Collingwood, or Heidegger.

2) Consider moving your home office into a lockable room, such as the bathroom. You could even co-locate with your spouse. Put a sign on the door so your two-year-old understands that you’re both busy until 5pm, and there are Pot Noddles in the cupboard.

3) Working from home might mean your kids have a bit more screen time – and that’s OK. We recommend a minimum of 7 hours of Peppa Pig a day for children under 5.

4) Working at home means flexible hours. If you want to get up at 5am to catch up on emails before homeschooling your kids, then stay up until midnight to catch up again, that is absolutely your decision which we fully support.

5) We understand that you might not get as much work done as usual. However, we noticed that you missed the deadline we set you yesterday. We’ll be in touch...