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The World University Mascot Rankings 2019

The 3rd most important factor for students when choosing a university is the university’s mascot*. As a knee-jerk response to this information, we knocked together the World University Mascot Rankings (WUMR).

First up, we asked our Twitter punters to DM us a shed load of mascot photos. Some of you took liberty and sent videos and GIFs instead, which resulted in an automatic disqualification. We also mixed up Nottingham and Nottingham Trent, but that’s an easy thing to do.

We ran eight Quarter Final polls that attracted over 3,000 votes as desperate marketing teams saw an opportunity to be relatable. Eight mascots made it into the semi finals.

The semi finals took place as the UCU Strikes were in full swing. UCU punters had to decide whether voting in the WUMRs was in favour of the marketisation of higher education, or against. To be honest, we don't know the answer to that either.

Watch the drama as it unfolded on Twitter.

For the finals we asked punters to consider a number of important mascot factors before casting their vote, including Heritage XP, Attack, Recruitment HP, and Mascot impact.

It all got a bit intense during the final. Over 6,800 votes were cast. The total reach was literally through the roof (not literally). Universities Scotland voted. A tourist board shared the poll. An Olympic swimmer voted. We also got some unexpected press coverage.

During the night, finalists called on their international partners for votes. New Zealand was dragged into it.

After a hard fought competition, Wolfie took a well deserved win! But it was close - only 2% separated 1st and 2nd place (41.9% and 39.8%). But 3rd and 4th place was even closer - 0.3% of the vote seperated Lion and Lamb (9.3%), and Keele Squirrel (9%).

Well done to all mascots, and social media teams, who took part!

Our VC also decided to confuse things even further by presenting all quarter finalist with a Bronze Mascot Excellence Framework (MEF) award, semi finalists a Silver MEF, and our finalist a Gold MEF (we didn't design this one).

The below WUMR rankings are based on the public vote. We should paywall this shit.

Ranking University Total number of votes across all rounds MEF result
1 Wolfie, University of Limerick 4,043 Gold
2 Stirling Squirrel, University of Stirling 3,817 Gold
3 Lamb and Lion, Plymouth Marjon University 1,151 Gold
4 Keele Squirrel, University of Keele 894 Gold
5 Dylan the Dragon, Cardiff University 852 Silver
6 Cyril the Squirrel, Aston University 395 Silver
7 Ron the Democracy Mascot, University of Warwick 325 Silver
8 Reffie the Referencing Raptor, University of Worcester 287 Silver
9 Steve the Stag, University Of Surrey 206 Bronze
10 Ruskin the Rhino, Anglia Ruskin University 130 Bronze
11 Dundee Penguin, University of Dundee 120 Bronze
12 Hampton, University of Northampton 106 Bronze
13 HSE Crow, HSE University St Petersburg 91 Bronze
14 Strathosaurus, University of Strathclyde 83 Bronze
15 Kent Bunny, University of Kent 78 Bronze
16 Pete and Penny, Youngstown State University 72 Bronze
17 Jez (retired), Edge Hill University 68 Bronze
18 Leeds Beckett Bear, Leeds Beckett University 67 Bronze
19 BCU Lion, Birmingham City University 62 Bronze
20 Newcastle Lion, Newcastle University 60 Bronze
21 Waseda Bear, Waseda University 56 Bronze
22 Salford Lion, University of Salford 53 Bronze
23 Clancy the Lion, University of New South Wales 51 Bronze
24 Roehampton Zebra, University of Roehampton 49 Bronze
25 IUPUI Jaguars, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis 49 Bronze
26 York Duck, University of York 48 Bronze
27 Winston the Lancer, University of Windsor 43 Bronze
28 Glasgow Tiger, University of Glasgow 35 Bronze
29 Claws the Legal Lion, Cardiff University 31 Bronze
30 NTU Tiger, Nottingham Trent University 29 Bronze
31 Terry the Bear, University of Warwick 16 Bronze
32 Hanyang Lion, Hanyang University 14 Bronze