Get packing! Top tips from students on what to bring to uni

As a new academic year approaches, students share their tips on what to bring to university and what to leave behind.

Hazmat suit

“You won’t have that much space, so leave your dressing gown and slippers at home, and pack a full-body hazmat suit.”
- Amit, English BA

‘How To Wash Your Hands’ posters

“Your student halls will probably be bare and have little personality. Add a splash of colour with the latest posters from NHS England. A Bluetooth speaker is also useful to play health advice.”
- Steph, History BA

Don’t bring loads of stationery

“You’ll need notebooks and folders for the first week, but after that you’ll be self-isolating in your room and watching online lectures recorded in 2020.”
- Phil, Astronomy BSc

Portable kettle, hob, and toilet

“Spend as little time as possible in shared spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and sitting areas, by bringing your own facilities. The hob goes against fire regulations, but worth a punt. Empty the toilet every few days.”
- Suzanne, Vetology BSc

Vaccine passport

“The government are still working out what a vaccine passport will actually be, so in the mean time ask your doctor to tattoo ‘double jabbed’ on your vaccination arm.”
- Chen, Medicine BA

University acceptance letter

“A useful one to bring. Around 15% of students forget which university accepted them through Clearing and turn up at Leeds Beckett by mistake.”
- Ben, unknown BSc

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