Novelty Bantshire Certificates

In October 2019 we gave punters the opportunity to literally own a piece of history (well, a piece of card) by ordering a limited-edition novelty Bantshire Honorary Degree Certificate.

The cost to get their hands on this priceless item? We simply asked that they made a small donation to the charity Aid Afghanistan for Education.

In total, our Class of 2019 raised a fantastic £300.

Our Vice-Chancellor designed, printed, and posted 41 certificates by hand, with the help of his confused family.

Here are some happy punters with their degrees here, here, and here.

The VC would like to extend a warm ‘thank you’ to Leeds based creative agency Revolution Viewing for helping fund the printing and postage of the certificates, meaning that all of your money went straight to charity. And cheers for the Nando’s voucher too, yeah?

Aid Afghanistan for Education has 12 schools in 6 provinces in Afghanistan that provide accelerated education for 3,000+ marginalised women and girls. An educated woman is more likely to survive childbirth. She marries later, earns a higher income, and has children who attend school, are vaccinated, well nourished, and have access to water and adequate sanitation.