About Swansea University

The University, affectionately known as ‘Our Swansea, Not Yours’, has a rich heritage. The University's foundation stone was laid by King George V in 1920 after a sesh' in the Students’ Union, and 89 students enrolled that same year through Clearing. By September 1939, there were 65 staff and 485 students, which catapulted the University up the staff/student ratio league tables.

By 1947, local farmer John Fulton had eyes on creating the UK's first contained university campus to accommodate his livestock. Located in the vast expanse of Singleton Park, the university only had two permanent buildings; Singleton Abbey and a Costcutter.

By 1960, the lads at Swansea were banging up buildings all over the shop, following the architectural trends at the time. In 2015, the University attempted to swindle their way up the Moist University Rankings by opening its Bay Campus, which is an estimated four miles from the coast (source: Bantshire Data Experts).

Swansea’s crowning jewel, The International Sports Village, is a five minutes' walk from the Singleton Park campus and is famous for its International Sheep Herding facilities.

The city of Swansea itself has a lot going for it, and was famously referred to by Dylan Thomas as "the graveyard of ambition"*. Apply today.

Swansea’s weather is predominantly moist. Swansea and Cardiff share the honours of the rainiest cities in the UK (but don’t mention it on Twitter, it’s not worth the hassle).

In 2019, The University of Swansea was ranked No.2 in The World Swansea University Rankings.

In 2020, the University sealed a shirt deal with Swansea Football Club. Supporters wear their shirts with pride as they punch rival Cardiff fans in the face.

Notable alumni include rugby aces Alum Dwayne Jones and Wyn John Jones-Jones.

*An official statement from the University states: "He called it the graveyard of ambition because people came to Swansea and then never left. Probably because of the beach. And the sea. And all the rainfall. And all the other wonderful things that make Swansea a moist mecca.

This guide is satire - 95% of the above is not true.

Moist Swansea

Lusting for Swansea? These photos will take you on a journey to the city, all without having to even leave your couch.

It's just drizzle

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Swansea University rankings

Just Eat University Rankings

Swansea is ranked 123rd in the Just Eat University Rankings.

Scrabble Score Rankings

The University of Swansea is ranked joint 153 in the Scrabble Score Rankings.

Moist University Rankings

The University of Swansea is ranked 22 in the Moist University Rankings.

University Sunshine Rankings

The University of Swansea is ranked 54 in the University Sunshine Rankings.

Flushed University Rankings

The University of Swansea is ranked 106 in the Flushed University Rankings.

University Socially Distanced Rankings

The University of Swansea is ranked 66 in the University Socially Distanced Rankings.

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  • Clearing places Swansea? That isn’t a question.
  • What grades do I need to study at Swansea? Who knows, ask the algorithm.
  • What is Swansea University accommodation like? No further question, please.

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